Welcome Center Ems-Achse

Welcome to the Welcome Center of Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse!

Here there are a lot of amazing jobs just waiting for you, as well as flat hierarchies. The region is distinguished by a high work-life balance.

The Welcome Center would be pleased to answer your individual questions and will help you to make a good start in our region. We will help you professionally:

  • to find a job (in cooperation with the Employment Agency)
  • to find a flat
  • to find a job for your partner and
  • to find a kindergarten place and/or a school.

Moreover, we will provide you with information about the region, its associations/clubs and its cultural offerings, etc. This special service is free of charge.

Please contact the Welcome Center Ems-Achse to benefit from our support and range of services!

The Welcome Center Ems-Achse is a Service Center of the „Regionales Fachkräftebündnis Ems-Achse“ (Regional Confederation for the Recruitment of Skilled Labour).

This initiative is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).